Hello! I like the Canucks, Flyers, Leafs and Lightning. I track the tag Lcehockey.

Anonymous asked: the leafs are gonna __________


probably break my heart as usual 

as requested, i made an icons page which you can find right here! to request an icon, please send the name of the player here and it will be added to the page as soon as possible! no need to credit me, although it’s very appreciated. have fun!
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Addicted To You
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Avicii - Addicted To You.

Anonymous asked: Wait Matt Dumba asked u out? I thought u had a boyfriend?

Yeah i just got tinder back today haha he wants me to come to a club but im not 19 yet but he thinks he can pull some strings so we’ll see. ahh things didnt work out because im leaving in 4 days to europe and stuff if you want to know more just inbox me please because im still kind of upset about it and its shitty





"Welcome to the Vancouver Canucks, Ryan Miller. Would you like to address the media now?"

"Sure. I just wanted to say what a piece of shit I think lucic is"

*the province of BC erupts with applause*

*flashes stanley cup ring to the haters*


Every time I see this post it gets better and better


It’s time I start embracing my scars from my accident rather than hiding behind them. They prove what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger ♡

This should have a million notes

Photos of James Reimer [68/100]